By combining the following elements we create unique, high energy events which are totally customizable to any occasion.



Having a theme gives the performers a world to live in, and gives the guests the feeling that they are being transported outside everyday reality. We have an extensive catalog of theme ideas, and a knack for creating new ones.



We have a vast roster of amazing talent to bring any theme to life. Fabulously costumed walkaround performers to greet guests, ensemble improv troupes to bring big energy, and spectacular stage shows showcasing hight quality talent.



We have a selection of banners and props to rent, and can also create decor specifically for any event. Our tailor made airbrushed banners and lighting gobos are a great way to customize any theme.


Live Gaming Elements

This is where we can really bring a story to life, and every guest becomes a player in the play. Woven into the event using either with high tech cell phone based games, or analog card and sticker based games, an interactive script puts guests in the driving seat of the unfolding story.



Being dressed up in a costume is a great way to break the ice. We can provide costume ideas, and bring extra accessories to put people in the mood.



Whether you decide on live music, DJs or just pressing play on one of our custom playlists, we can ensure the perfect soundtrack.



People love to leave with a souvenir of their experience, and we can provide all kinds of custom giveaways, like costume accessories, novelties and keepsakes.



We can provide automated photo booths, or professional photography studio set ups- either way your guests will leave with a fabulous photo souvenir.



If you need help putting together your invitations, whether they are on paper or the web, we have a team of copy writers and graphic designers here to help you create the perfect promo.