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(December 2000 to present day)
The Beauty Engine
Developed ‘Social Design’ to catalyze and accelerate creative process in communities. Self published ‘Beauty Engine’ Book. Appeared as Keynote Speakers at 10th Anniversary of Global University in Japan (August 2006) and voted ‘People’s Choice’ for presentation at the Planetwork conference in San Francisco (June 2004) (

(April 2003 to present day)
Kinky Salon
Created and hosted participation based sex positive events. Following a series of workshops, Kinky Salon is now global, with events in Austin, New York, Texas and UK, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin. (

(August 2008 to present day)
Guided a collaborative process with invited community leaders to create this online social networking tool as an alternative to larger networks with privacy issues. Now has over 2500 members and is run by volunteers. (

(July 2007 to present day)
Creators: Peepshow Minigolf
Created interactive live action ‘flash mob’ style game, which gives adults permission to play. Organized roadtrips designed to build community and build resonance within groups to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Black Rock City, and San Francisco. (


(May 2009- October 2009)
Kinky Salon Booty Camp
Created a series of workshops designed to teach everything you need to ‘throw your own Arty Sexy Party’.

(January 2007- March 2007)
Ua Noa Festival
Co-founded with Izanai Dance Academy and New World Group. Created participatory structure of festival, curated performers and art, and designed promotion materials. Hosted festival in March 2007 in Maui, Hawaii (

(July 2006- August 2006)
Beauty Engine- sponsored by New World Group
Created workshop series based in ‘Beauty Engine’ and toured Japan talking and facilitating, visiting multiple communities and educational organizations in Japan.

(March 2007-April 2007)
Beauty Engine- sponsored by New World Group
Hosted Japanese educators in San Francisco with advanced training in Beauty Engine

(April 2005-December 2005)
Abundance League- “grassroots collaboration network of social innovators” which still exists as a series of monthly events. (

(March 2004- January 2005)
SuperStar Nation
Hosted weekly gatherings to explore the use of creative tools to facilitate interaction and collaboration.

(March 2004- January 2005)
SuperStar Nation Alpha Website
Developed working alpha social networking tool which allowed users to create their own customized trading cards to share at live events.

(December 2000 to November 2001)
Aesthetic Science
Directed creative content for start up games company. Responsibilities included visioning new products, overseeing creative team of graphic designers and copy writers, and directing stage show for launch party.


April 2004: SF Weekly COVER STORY
Featured on the cover of the SF Weekly, with a 6 page article.

February 2007 Common Ground Magazine
Article on transformational experiences at Mission Control.

July 2007 San Francisco Bay Area Guardian
Winner of the Best of the Bay award for Kinky Salon.

June 2008 PSFK Snapshot
Featured in trend-creating report from New York.

February 2009 San Francisco Bay Area Guardian
Bay area newspaper featured story about Mission Control.


Polly Whittaker C.E.O. The Moral Minority, Inc. (1999 to present day)
Created fashion label. Oversaw all aspects of promotions, brand image and management, as well as designing and manufacturing apparel. In 2005 shifted business into teaching and consulting.