Some things you might see at a Carnival themed event:

  • Strolling Carnival Acts and Puppetry
  • Greeters on Stilts welcoming guests
  • Minigolf Show with interactive putting
  • Clown Marching Band
  • Clown GoGo Dancers and Showgirls
  • Trapeze and circus performance
  • Giveaways- clown noses, noise makers, paper costume vests
  • Clownification Station turning guests into clowns with professional make up artists
  • Carnival cut out props for people to stand behind, stick their faces through and take pictures
  • All sorts of fabulous, colorful decor- Banners, inflatables, lights, pennent streamers
  • Dunk Tank- who do you want to dunk? The CEO? The head of HR? A scary clown?

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